The practice of Dana on retreats – Donation and Generosity 

Dana is one of the deepest expression of the mutual dependence between us all.  Dana supports the cultivation of the beautiful and transormative quality of generosity. In that way Dana also enable everyone to join and receive teaching regardless of their financial situation and to benefit from the fruits of the practice.  Teachers share their time, energy and experience and offer teaching on a Dana basis in accordance with ancient Buddhist tradition. The teaching has been handed over from teacher to student for in that way for thousand of years. At the end of the retreat, people are invited to practice Dana by making monetary offerings for the teachings and support the teachers to continue their offering in that way. Dana is not a payment for goods or services rendered; This is an opportunity to participate in the ancient tradition of total reciprocity between teachers and students and to give from the heart to that which we love and wish to support.  Your generosity not only gives support to the teachers, but also the Sangha, the larger Dharma community, and your own practice.

The highest Dana, says the Buddha, is one in which there is no Giver, no Receiver and no Gift, i.e – all definitions melt in the light of recognizing of the mutual interconectedness between us all.