Insight Meditation (Vipassana) And The Heart’s Realization. Germany, October 24-31

Pauenhof,Meditation Center, near Duesseldorf, Germany

This classical Vipassana retreat will include comprehensive meditation instructions in Vipassana (Insight) meditation, a daily talk and regular one to one meetings with Lila. The retreat offers the opportunity to go deeply into ourselves in a supportive and caring atmosphere. It points to inner renewal, a deep sense of presence and the emptying of the mind for fresh perceptions and insights. Suitable for new and experienced meditators. 

Pauenhof Meditation Centre

Pauenhof e.V. Pauendyck 1 D – 47665 Sonsbeck Hamb, Germany 

(40 minutes from Düsseldorf, Nearest railway stations are Alpen and Geldern)

 for registration please e-mail Ilka at

There is an opportunity to sit for seven days with Lila plus four days before with Christopher and Ulla.

Lila and Christopher taught together in Israel for more than 10 years and offered a training for Agents of Change in Germany in 2017.

Lila Kimhi from Israel is a senior teacher of mindfulness and insight meditation (Vipassana). Lila has been teaching Vipassana since 2004 in Israel, and abroad. She teaches courses in leadership, Buddhist psychology for psychotherapists, and practices for people with cancer, chronic pain and illness. Lila leads spiritual journeys including Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, and India. With her partner, she is a co-founder of ‘Aley Adamot’, an eco-spiritual center located rurally outside Jerusalem.  A peace maker, artist and a poet, she is immersed in the teachings of peace, kindness and liberation