Meditation Instructions:  Being; a few suggestions

It’s this one mystery that is living and manifesting through all of us burning through our eyes like the stars through the vast blanket of the sky. Singing through our voice, crying through our tears, loving through our hearts. Everything belongs to IT, made out of IT. Nothing and no-body-mind-heart is excluded.
It is a warm invitation to relax and rest into IT, that which makes everything come alive, precious, unique with all its peculiarities. We belong to it far more then we may think or imagine.
Relax and rest into the cool breeze that touches your cheeks under the shade of a tree in a hot day. Leave tomorrow to take care of itself. Allow yourself to bath in the richness of the now.
Relax and rest with all that is alive in you, in this very moment, allowing all struggles to come to an end.
Relax and rest in this aliveness that presents itself inwardly and outwardly. In feelings, sensations, smells, sounds, thoughts, sights, the ever-changing ephemeral play and dance of reality.