As the Buddha was teaching, giving brings joy. “if you knew what i know about giving”, said the Buddha, “you would not let one single meal pass by without sharing it with others”. Giving is an expression of our energy in the world and an opportunity to support what is important, meaningful and dear to us.  it has the power to take us out of painful sense of lack and separation, into the plenitude of the Buddhas and help us realize we belong to the vastness of life.

Giving is a manifestation of love and wisdom in action. it connects us to others and supports the interconectedness between us all. In the Buddhist tradition, teachers offer their teaching to the community which support them back.. Your generosity not only gives support to the teacher, but also to the Sangha, the larger Dharma community, and your own practice.

Lila is offering much of her teachings on donation basis (Dana – the Buddhist term for generosity). She is happy to share her teachings freely in this radical and ancient way. Your donations support her teachings and allow the offering of this gift to flourish and reach many hearts.


Your Donations are gratefully and joyfully received.