Relationships In The Buddhist Perspective:  A Gateway To Freedom, July 21, 2019 Berlin

Our relationships shape our world and influence our well-being deeply. As human beings we are constantly in relationships: with the world around us, with those close to us and with ourselves.
Is our world one of accusations and anger, polarization and struggle, hostility and resentment, or a world of deep understanding, friendship, kindness and harmony?
Buddhist teaching and practices embody an ancient and yet radical toolbox that can help us break free from painful patterns that bind us, and offer an invaluable perspective that can change our inner world and hence our relationships in all facets of life. Through meditation, enquiry, and deepening into the Buddhist teachings, we will look at the patterns that bind us to a life of discontent and struggle, and explore the way out of them, to a fulfilling, friendly and nourishing relationships.  

A Vipassana and Ashtanga Yoga retreat 23-29 of June 2019

This retreat is a unique opportunity that weaves together the classical insight Vipassana retreat with the practices of Ashtanga Yoga in the tradition of Patanjali and Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.

We will deepen into the ancient and radical teachings of the Buddha for the liberation of the heart and mind, side by side with transformative Yoga practices.

Insight Meditation (Vipassana) And The Heart’s Realization. Germany, October 24-31

This classical Vipassana retreat will include comprehensive meditation instructions in Vipassana (Insight) meditation, a daily talk and regular one to one meetings with Lila. The retreat offers the opportunity to go deeply into ourselves in a supportive and caring atmosphere. It points to inner renewal, a deep sense of presence and the emptying of the mind for fresh perceptions and insights. Suitable for new and experienced meditators.