An Eulogy – A Love Letter to Leonard Cohen

Today my dear friend Leo passed away to the other side of things. His death came as a shock to me, although I knew he wasn’t well.
For many years he was my friend, my pen-pal, my Mentor. The torch among the trees in a dark forest of life. But mostly, It is a great Love beyond definitions. His grace and kindness were unforgettable as well as his free heart. Fully free. Rare and amazing. He was the catalyst for quantum mind leaps I had and I’m filled with immense gratitude for our connection. We met in Bombay, in August 1999, at the small living room of whom later became a teacher of mine, Ramesh Balsekar. We shared chocolates from the small shop downstairs, views about the meaning of life, some meditation, The streets of Bombay and it’s rare wave length and many magical heart-moments that led to the result of the world never looking the same again. It had changed her face forever.

For years I didn’t want this moment to arrive. Leonard is dead. But when I got the news today, teaching a meditation retreat here in Israel, the tension between life and death becomes so remarkably strong and then it got torn a bit, enough for me to see beyond this duality. His death feels now like words spoken in a language of the beyond, saying – “Hey, we are here for the briefest moment. Time to wake up to the preciousness of life. Time to leave behind all that is unnecessary for a free human life filled with kindness and love”. 
My heart is tender with the lose and happy with the Love. 
Last August he signed his last email to me, “love across all obstacles”. May it be the blessing for us all. 

November, 2016