About Lila

The stream of life that is flowing through all of us, is far greater than any idea or form we might confine it to. Here are a few words about that life stream with its many adventures that formed and shaped me up till now.

I was born in 1968 and grew up in a small town in Israel. In my teens and early twenties I lived in Memphis Tennessee and in California, where I fell in love with photography. Later that stream took me to Paris where I learned french, culture and art. I have a bachelor degree in Psychology, another bachelor’s degree in journalism and communication and later I did my masters in Sanskrit and Indian philosophy.

In 1998 I met the Dharma in a Vipassana retreat and found what my heart was asking for. Shortly after I left the life I was living and went from ‘home to homelesness’, seeking teachings, practicing in monasteries and meditation centers in India and Thailand and learning from many teachers in the Buddhist tradition and Advaita.

I started teaching in 2004 at the invitation of  Christopher Titmuss, and with the blessing of  Ramesh Balsekar. Since then my life had been dedicated to sharing the Dharma in the spirit of friendship, which is an endless source of inspiration, love and joy for me.

I teach regularly on retreats in Israel and abroad, and in various courses and programs for deepening in the Dharma, and lead spiritual journeys in mid-Asia and south India.

As a teacher, I have the great privilege of meeting many people and accompany them on their journey. Some arrive to the path out of a longing for something deeper of sacred they feel is missing in their life, and some arrived due to pain and suffering. Vipassana meditation retreats, teachings of mindfulness, spiritual journeys globally, Satsangs in the spirit of Non-Duality and more are some of the ways in which we connect. Over the years I see again and again the wonder of the rays of understanding melting the armors of the heart and the beauty of the real human being is shining through.  

I enclose an open invitation to get on the path together. As one of my teachers, Ramesh Balsekar from Mumbai used to say: “No-one is especially invited, and everyone are welcomed”.

Here is a non-complete list of some of my teachers

Some I have met in this lifetime and others in the spirit. Some became my close friends over many years and others remained unknown personally. All of them pushed the doors of my consciousness wide open, took me out of my mind and challenged me, introduced me to new possibilities, transformed my heart and turned me into who I am now.

The mountain Arunachala in Tiru, south India, Christopher Titmuss, Ramesh Balsekar, S.N.Goenka, Nisargadata Maharaj, Leonard Cohen, Pema Chodron, Rob Burbea, the Israeli Sangha of Tovana, Nature with all its majesties, Yoav my partner, my friends and family and all of you who shared the learning with me.