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לילה וכלבים2

Warm welcome to everyone!


No need to know exactly or to describe what you are looking for or what brought you here. Curiosity and interest are good starting points. You don’t need to be “spiritual” or know any jargon especially. Come as you are. Whomever you may be, experienced meditator or total beginner, regardless of what you might think of yourself, you too, like everyone else, have the beautiful capacity of awakening and the potential of a full bloom of the heart and mind.

“Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” Says the poet Rumi.  Here you will find some of the ways that lead me and may lead you to live a life of kindness, peace, ease of being, wisdom and compassion, and to manifest our deepest potential as free human beings in this word.

As a teacher, I share and offer my support, friendship and love in the forms of Vipassana (insight) meditation and mindfulness, inquiry, the Buddhist Dharma, Non-duality (Advita), connection to nature and more.

‘A thousand gates open to the spirit’, writes Jack Kornfield. ‘Whether in the brilliance of beauty or the dark woods of confusion and sorrow, a force as sure as gravity brings us back to our heart’.


"The spiritual journey is an endless journey, from who we seem to be to who we really are" / Ramana Maharshi

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